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NEW: TCB Chipotle

Our flagship pepper blend with a twist - smokey chipotle! Medium heat and lots of flavor from 30 kinds of peppers, medium heat; sprinkle it on your eggs, hamburger and fries, just about anything.

Tr-City Blend with Chipotle

TCB Chipotle @ $7.00


Introducing the hottest Pepperblend available, PICOSO, made with some of the Hotest chili peppers grown locally, Carolina reapers, Trinidad Scorpions and a few others hot pepper added in for flavor.  

Also Pico-Habie, half Habanero, half PICOSO, spice up your life!

Picoso & Pico-Habie


  PICOSO 1 oz. @ $15.00

Pico-Habie 1oz @ $12.00



Make salsa in an instant with:

Rudy’s Dry Salsa Mix – $4.50 Singles . . . $11.00 3-Pk. . . $40.00 12-Pk

Rudy's Salsas PictureAn award winning salsa mix with authentic Mexican blends of spices. Just add 1 can of petite diced tomatoes with 1 package salsa mix. Add pepperblends (in small bag included with mix) to desired heat and . . . TA! DA! You have award winning salsa to serve to your guests.

Single pack $4.50
3-pack $11.00 (save $2.50!)
12-pack $40.00 (save $14.00!)


Rudy’s Pepperblends – 1 oz. Bottles $6.00 ea., 2 oz Big TCB & Jalapeño Salt Bottles $11.00 ea.

Rudy's Pepperblends photoBig TCB & Jalapeno Salt

Tri Cities Blend (TCB) – Medium heat and lots of flavor from 30 kinds of peppers, medium heat; sprinkle it on your eggs, hamburger and fries, just about anything

  TCB 1 oz. @ $6.00
  TCB 2 oz. @ $11.00

Jalapeno Blend - Mild heat but great flavor

Jalapeno Blend @ $6.00

Jalapeno Salt - Our Jalapeno blend with a little sea salt, garlic, onion powder; goes great on popcorn, veggies, whatever

Jalapeno Salt 1 oz. @ $6.00
Jalapeno Salt 2 oz. @ $11.00

Rudy’s Special Blends – 1 oz. Bottles

Rudy's Special Blends photo

Chipotle Jalapeno – Medium heat and super taste . . . We smoke the peppers then process them - $7.00 ea. 

Chipotle Jalepeno @ $7.00

Habanero Blend – Hot! Habanero and Scotch Bonnet peppers blended for flavor - $8.00

Habanero Blend @ $8.00

Chipotle Habanero – Hot, but oh, so good! A unique blend of smoked Habanero and Scotch Bonnet peppers - $9.00 ea.

Chipotle Habanero @ $9.00


Rudy’s Meat Rubs – 2 oz. Bottles $6.00 ea.

Rudy's meat rubs photo Original Carne Asada - Authentic Mexican carne asada type seasoning

Spicy Garlic Carne Asada - This is an ALL PURPOSE seasoning with a medium heat with Rudy’s secret variety of spices adding a very special taste experience

Chicken Rub - Mild pepper taste with garlic and onion flavors

Steak Rub - Medium heat with lots of flavors of garlic, onion and chipotle

Pork Rub – Wow! Put this on ribs and let the party begin! Great for pulled pork, medium heat

Rudy’s Meat-rub Sampler Package – Comes with a variety of five 1‑ounce bottles of Steak, Chicken, Pork, Carne Asada Original, Carne Asada Spicy Garlic and a BONUS-1-ounce botle of TCB! $20.00 package

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